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Women in the Material World
New York Public Library:
Ten Best Books for the Teen-aged, 1996
"Filled with incredible color photos and amazing interviews, this is the best, most illuminating book on women’s lives around the world that I have ever seen."
-East Bay Express
Books Section Review, September, 1996
"A unique, revealing, multicultural celebration women’s invisible role in societies around the world."
-Publisher’s Weekly
Suggested Reading List, July 29, 1996
"This splendid fascinating, moving and sometimes tragically sad."
-USA Today
Life Section, Best Bets, August 30, 1996

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    A testament to the indomitable power of the human spirit, Women in the Material World portrays the striking similarities and profound differences in women's lives on the eve of the twenty-first century. Under the direction of Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel, a team of renowned women journalists traveled the world to take a closer look at the lives of women in twenty disparate lands.

    All too often, the picture of the planet we carry around with us-a picture formed of our own experiences and the stream of information from the mass media-is at odds with what is real and important. The world is much more diverse, sorrowful, and splendid than the white-washed and overwhelmingly present stereotypes many of us have in our heads. And it is much more female-there's a whole half of the world that is waiting to beheard from. It's hard to know what a real protrait of what's out there would look like, hard to imagine what a symphony composed of all the world's voices would sound like. But this book may well be an indication.

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