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"A visually stunning book packed with truly unique content, What I Eat is a mind-boggling feast of diversity and a fantastic accomplishment."
-Mark Bittman
Author of Food Matters
and How to Cook Everything
"What I Eat is both exquisitely beautiful and deeply informative. One of the most powerful books on food ever."
-Dean Ornish, MD
Founder and President of the
Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Author of the The Spectrum.

James Beard Award nominee and winner of the IACP's 2011 Jane Grigson Award.

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    Portraits and essays of 80 individuals and the food that fuels them over the course of a single day. With camera and notebook in hand, Peter and Faith traveled to 30 countries and more than a dozen U.S. states to shop, cook, and eat with a strikingly diverse range of people, including an Egyptian camel broker, a Japanese sumo wrestler, a Sudanese refugee in Chad, a Tibetan yak herder, a Bangladeshi factory seamstress, an Arctic hunter, an Indian Hindu sadhu, a Namibian diamond polisher, and a wounded Iraq war veteran.

    The centerpiece of each photoessay is a portrait of the subject with that day’s worth of food, a text about daily life, and an exhaustively researched food list detailing every item consumed, along with the total calorie count. Adding context to the profiles are essays from Wendell Berry, Mary Collins, Michael Pollan, Ellen Ruppel Shell, Bijal P. Trivedi, Richard Wrangham, and Lisa R. Young that approach food politics and our endless obsession with diet. This visual and textual feast highlights the similarities as well as the extreme differences in the ways that we approach and consume food around the world. Compelling, informative, and sometimes disturbing, What I Eat provides more than simple food for thought; it reveals the implications of the modern diet for our personal health and for our planet while challenging the tacit assumptions hidden in our daily fare.

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