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India, Hyderabad. ANH Academy Week Keynote Slide Lecture (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine). 2019

USA, Baltimore. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 100th Anniversary Celebration Keynote. 2018

Rome, United Nations FAO Headquarters. 2016

Norway, Oslo. Nobel Peace Center. 2014

Japan, Tokyo University of Agriculture, DEAR organization workshop, and book COOP and bookstores. 2016

USA, Boston Museum of Science lecture for exhibit opening. 2012

USA, Washington DC, Inter_American Development Bank, 2014

USA, LA. Novo Nordisk Annual Sales Meeting. 2016

USA, San Francisco: National Social Studies Supervisors Association Conference. 2017

USA, Orlando. American Society of Bariatric Physicians Symposium. 2012

Netherlands, Amsterdam. Food Cabinet. 2015

USA, Corte Madera Book Passage bookstore Authors Workshop. 2015

USA, New Orleans, National Council for the Social Studies Annual Convention. 2015

Columbia, Medellin. Parque Explora (science museum). 2015

France, Evian. Danone Corporate Meeting. 2015

USA, Portland. International Summit on the Nutrition of Adolescents. 2015

USA, LA. UCLA Center for World Health. 2015

S. Korea, Seoul. Slow Life Conference. 2015

USA, Portland. OSU/ Gates Foundation. 2015

USA, Monterey. EG  2008, 2008, 2014

USA, James Madison University. 2013

USA, Perdue University. 2013

USA, Seattle. Burke Museum. 2012

USA, NY State Sociological Association Annual Conference. 2012

USA, Florida Southern College. 2012

USA, LA. NACCHO Annual Meeting. 2012

USA, Seattle, Burke Museum. 2012

USA, Squaw Valley Institute. 2012

USA, San Francisco, Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine Annual Health Conference. 2011.

USA, Boston. American Dietetic Annual Convention keynote. 2011

USA, Chicago Ideas Festival. 2011

Iran, Isfahan. European Union artist/author invitation at university. 2010

USA, Dartmouth Medical School, Great Issues in Medicine Global HeathSymposium. 2010

USA, Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit. 2010

Denmark, Copenhagen Hungry Planet: What the World Eats exhibit lecture. 2011

USA, Providence. Business Innovation Factory. 2010

USA, Minneapolis Bell Museum. 2010

USA, Harvard Nieman Center, 2010

USA, Notre Dame. Faculty/student 2010

USA, Telluride Film Festival. 2009

USA, Wisconsin World Affairs Council Convention. 2009

Canada, Toronto. IdeaCity. 2008

USA, Grand Junction. 2008

Spain, Caja Madrid. 2007

USA, LA, Skirball Cultural Center. 2007

USA, TED MED. 2004, 2006

USA, Chicago, Kraft Sr. Leadership Global Meeting. 2006

USA, Napa, Copia: American Center for Food, Wine and Arts. 2005.

Iceland, Iceland Geographic Travel Summit. 2005

Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio speaking in Amsterdam for ‘Eat This’ Event sponsored by the FoodCabinet of the Netherlands, celebrating World Food Day 2015.


Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio at their lecture and photo exhibit of Hungry Planet: What the World Eats at Copia: The American Center for Food, Wine and the Arts in Napa, California.